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Acupuncturist, Nurse and Co-founder of Catalyst™




Stephanie grew up with an innate passion and interest in health and healing.  She first discovered acupuncture after the death of a close family member. She was able to use acupuncture to help the grieving process and continued to seek acupuncture treatments for a variety of her own health concerns after that experience. Stephanie believes that healthcare should be about the patient and that the best healing happens when patients are involved in their own care. Stephanie wants to empower her patients to understand their own bodies better and find strength in the body’s innate power to heal itself.


Outside of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Stephanie is also a nurse working in family practice. She uses her knowledge of western medicine to help tie together care, so patients understand what’s happening in their bodies from diverse perspectives.


As an Idaho native, Stephanie enjoys being in the beautiful Idaho mountains skiing or hiking with her dog, Huckleberry. She also enjoys cooking and gardening. She gets very excited talking about the connections between soil health and human health. 


  • University of Denver, Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2010

  • Southwest Acupuncture College, Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, 2015

  • University of Colorado, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2018

  • George Washington University, Master of Science in Nursing, Graduation 2023

Continuing Education:

  • Dr. Tan Pain Management Technique

  • Functional Medicine

Stephanie Duinick
Stephanie Duininck, MSOM, L.Ac., RN
Gavin Kastner, LMT

Gavin Kastner

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapy

Gavin is no stranger to injury and the healing process; he has broken many bones and undergone two major surgeries, one that put a screw in his wrist and another that put nine screws and a metal plate on his collarbone. He has experienced joint dislocations and instability, concussions, and several other soft-tissue injuries. In his early twenties, he dealt with a compromised immune system from candida overgrowth and all the complications that it brings. All these different afflictions have allowed him to become closely acquainted with the healing process and to experience the healing power of therapeutic touch and of self-care.

Gavin studied at Apollo College and has been a certified massage therapist since 2009.  He has continued his training in bodywork with the Upledger Institute in CranioSacral therapy. He finished a year-long intuitive, clairvoyant training in 2013.  He uses this intuition to tune in to his clients to more effectively offer them what they need.


Gavin Kastner has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2005 and is a 200-hour registered yoga instructor through the Hailey Yoga Center.


  • Apollo College, Certified Massage Therapist, 2009

  • Upledger Institute, Certified CranioSacral Therapy

  • Hailey Yoga Center, 200-hour Registered Yoga Instructor

"Bodywork, meditation, and yoga, helped me heal from an array of injuries and surgeries. They have helped me get through mental health challenges. These therapies are an indispensable part of my life. My goal as a teacher and massage therapist is to help people deeply relax, get in touch with their bodies, and become more balanced and centered.”

Gavin Kastner head shot
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