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Each treatment is unique.

Depending on your concerns, we will choose acupuncture points combined with various other modalities, including herbal medicine, bodywork, cupping, therapeutic exercises, lifestyle modifications, dietary suggestions and functional medicine. 

Fee Schedule and Insurance Billing

As of January 2020, we are in-network providers with Blue Cross of Idaho. All you have to do is pay your copay or co-insurance (if your policy has one) and we do the rest. 


Because of these changes, we have adapted our fee schedule. Healthcare costs can be daunting. In an effort to minimize confusion, we are happy to chat with you about how our insurance and cash-pay billing works. If you do not have insurance coverage for acupuncture and you pay for the full cost of your visit at the time of your appointment, you will receive a 20% discount on all services. 


If you’re not insured with Blue Cross you may submit a superbill directly to your insurance company.


New patient visits are 90 minutes.

Follow up visits will range between be 60 minutes. 

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