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About Us
Sonya Wool, MSAOM, L.Ac.
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Sonya Wool

Acupuncturist, Owner and Co-Founder of Catalyst™

Sonya grew up in a family of physicians. Her experiences of witnessing health and healing began in childhood. After experiencing the physical effects of grief on her health, she found realignment and strength through Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. This revelation and her lifelong passion for medicine eventually led Sonya to pursue a career in Acupuncture. Sonya works with clients to help heal the body and alter the mindset that people find themselves in when they are not thriving. The feeling of defeat following an illness or an injury can be a particularly powerful one, and she firmly believes that the key to healing is to find a balance that best suits the needs and capabilities of each individual patient to help them find their integral strength and hope for recovery. Her goal as a practitioner is to support and empower every patient to harness their own healing force and advocate for their deepest needs. 


Sonya will help patients find the root cause of their symptoms and give them the tools they need to finish their journey back to a healthy body and mind. Somatic care has been a principal force in Chinese Medicine, and Sonya honors and celebrates the depth of the mind-body connection with the tools she was given from her education. Sonya helps create a safe space for each person to reconnect with their being and physical self for better understanding and tenderness through difficult times. Sonya is authentic, honest, and feels so grateful to be a part of her client's process.  She hopes to highlight the powers of integrated health care with acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling,  seasonal lifestyle advice, and gentle guidance. 


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