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Our Mission

We created Catalyst with the goal of providing evidence-based acupuncture and alternative medicine to Boise, Idaho and the greater Treasure Valley community. Healthcare is about you. Catalyst provides individualized care to address your health concerns. We want to be a part of your healing journey, to be a catalyst for change in your life, to see you thrive and be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.


Are you ready to live a happy, healthy and pain-free life?


Sonya Wool

Acupuncturist and Co-Owner of Catalyst

Sonya grew up in a family of physicians, and as a result, her experiences of health and healing began in childhood. After experiencing a particularly turbulent time in her life, she found realignment and strength through Acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It is these experiences and firsthand knowledge of Chinese medicine that eventually led her to focus on integrated care. This revelation and her lifelong passion for medicine eventually led Sonya to pursue a career in the Acupuncture. Sonya works with clients to help heal the body and alter the mindset that people find themselves in when they are not thriving. The feeling of defeat following an illness or an injury can be a particularly powerful one, and she firmly believes that the key to healing is to find a balance that best suits the needs and capabilities of each individual patient. Her goal as a practitioner is to help and empower every patient so that they can harness their own healing force.


Sonya will help patients find the root cause of their symptoms and give them the tools they need to finish their journey back to a healthy body and mind. She hopes to highlight the powers of integrated health care with acupuncture, herbs, nutritional counseling, and consistency.



Acupuncturist, Nurse and Co-Owner of Catalyst

Stephanie grew up with an innate passion and interest in health and healing.  She first discovered acupuncture after the death of a close family member. She was able to use acupuncture to help the grieving process and continued to seek acupuncture treatments for a variety of her own health concerns after that experience. Stephanie believes that healthcare should be about the patient and that the best healing happens when patients are involved in their own care. Stephanie wants to empower her patients to better understand their own bodies and find strength in the body’s innate power to heal itself.


Outside of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Stephanie is also a nurse working in family practice. She uses her knowledge of western medicine to help tie together care so patients understand what’s happening in their bodies from diverse perspectives.


As an Idaho native, Stephanie enjoys being in the beautiful Idaho mountains skiing or hiking with her dog, Huckleberry. She’s also enjoys cooking and gardening. She gets very excited talking about the connections between soil health and human health.  


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